I Am Assignment

This assignment in EdTech 541, Integrating Technology in the Classroom is a great assignment to reflect upon yourself using this I Am poem template. I chose something that has been a part of my life and which has become a legacy for my family. The Wedge is a jetty built at mouth of the Newport Beach bay in southern California. They built the jetty during the depression in the 1930’s and 40’s by the California Conservation Corps, otherwise known as the CCC. The reason why they call it the Wedge is that when the waves break on the beach and the wave recedes it slams back on the jetty creating an enormous wave doubled with another wave right behind it hence, “the Wedge”. It is the most famous body surfing spot in the world. I have been fishing off the tip of the Wedge since I was three years old. Back in the day, many game fish have been caught including: Bonita, Yellowtail, Calico Bass and Dorado as well as many many more. Enjoy the poem.

I Am Slide


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