Using Social Networks in Schools for Teaching and Learning

Upon researching high school and higher education graphic design and digital photography programs I was astonished to find many outstanding social network systems and blogs. The instructors that created these social network sites use them to facilitate and administer their curriculum. The blog based sites were created mainly in WordPress and Blogger. Some site were created from scratch using HTML and CSS. The sites presented the assignments for the students with a scope of the project, samples and either step by step direction or a YouTube tutorial. Students could blog back to the instructor for questions or clarification as well as comment on other classmate’s work. I could not believe some of the sites from the high schools such as Tucson High School’s site the Red Army. For my curation I decided to use Pinterest for the first time because it could handle URLs with no problem, whereas Scoop It seemed to be a bit difficult to hyperlink the sites.

I really enjoyed this assignment because it forced me to see the other high schools out there teaching graphic communications using social networking as a tool. The projects that I pinned through Pinterest are projects that I have within my curriculum for both graphic design and digital photography. In the courses that I teach my students use WordPress to upload their projects as artifacts and reflect on the scope of the lesson, what they did to achieve it and lastly, what was learned as a result of the lesson. I encourage the students to comment on their fellow classmate’s work so that the blog is thoroughly utilized.


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