Self Analysis in Effective Curation of Typography Design

Here’s my PLN groups 16 Criteria for Assessing Effective Curation:

I found that the curation I complied to be very credible. I used a variety of resources from articles, YouTube video clips as well as links to social media within the typography and design field therefore, there were several mediums. Most of the material is easy to understand but you have to have the basic knowledge of type terms to fully understand the concept that are in depth. The reason why I am curating this topic is because it is the backbone of graphic design. I feel that there is enough content here to stir interest and inspire young people. There is definitely a great deal of resource on my topic to spark conversation and to create a wide audience of young aspiring designers. Sure, there is probably some more exciting content out there but what I have curated is really good material. All content follows creative commons and copyright concerns. Through Scoop It each curated piece recognizes the author therefore gives full recognition. Each video I curated is shared through Facebook and Google Plus. Lastly, a lot of the material within my topic links up with other designers to communicate and comment on the sources.

Thank you for viewing!

Here’s my Scoop It link:


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