Real Time & Live Virtual Professional Development

With this assignment we were instructed to experience real time activities through Webinars and Twitter Chats within our profession. First I chose to find webinars within the field of graphic design however, very little was out there to tap into. Maybe it the way I went about finding webinars or the time constraints I was under. Nevertheless, to no avail in the design arena. My next alternative was to find webinars on general educational technology. There I found a teacher learning community site that hosted webinars teaching digital photography, digital stories, free Internet software for creating digital cartoons and to get the most out of PLN’s, personal learning networks and communities. There, I was instructed to register for the four individual webinars as well as to download the proper software for viewing and listening. Before the webinar commenced I prepared myself for note taking and possibly speaking to the speaker however, I learned that participating and commenting would be strictly through typing text to the facilitator and system called backchannel. The following were the webinars I attended.

Tell an Interactive Story with Timelines by Melissa Edwards

This was a new experience for me because I learned about many different resources for creating digital stories very simply. However, I feel that the software and sites this service offered was for elementary and middle school students. The great thing was that there were formats and or templates for all subjects. My contribution to the webinar was that I had asked if the presenter she had used iMovie to create digital stories. She said no, but she thought was a great idea. I concluded, saying that my students used iMovie for their digital stories. I felt it would be a good source for a teacher with little experience with digital media.

EvidenceTimeline 1 AM

Picture This: Grabbing Attention with Talking Pictures by Carol Nelson

This webinar started with a mechanical difficulties. The facilitator could not fix the volume, therefore many people could not hear the webinar. Through backchannel I had suggested that the audience could use their cell phones to hear the presenter. I listened to fifty percent of the webinar when the facilitator decided to end it. That said, I learned that of course things do not always go as planned. I did learn some valuable resources on building cartoons complete with storyboards to tell a story. This would be an excellent resource for students wanting to learn about animation or cartooning. Animation has a vast learning curve and these Internet programs seem easy for students follow. It can teach students the basics on what it takes to create a cartoon or an animation.

Evidence Picture This 3

iPhoneography for the Classroom by Luis Perez

This was by far the most interesting webinar, I can see how this one presenter can get an educator excited about webinars. Luis took the audience through the world of photography by way of an iPhone. His presentation, which was created in a Mac-based presentation tool which was so well done. The lessons were so unique that I was actually inspired. I can honestly say that I will incorporate two of his lessons within my digital photography class. My contribution to the webinar was that I commented on his assignments and asked Luis if I could use them. He thanked me. I learned that with a simple smart phone one can capture beautiful photography. He also took the audience through the mechanics of the iPhone which were great features for using the macro, panoramic and fish eye lens . He also presented other tools that he suggested to purchase specifically for iPhones such as a mini tripod. After the presentation he told the audience he was visually impaired. What an inspiration to us all.

Evidence iPhoneography 1

How to Get the Most from the Teacher Learning Community by Kimberly Thompson

This was the last webinar I attended. Kimberly Thompson was our host and one of the curators of this webinar site. I initially thought it was based on learning communities in general but it was on how to use the site to its potential. I learned how to access the site for many other resources other than just webinars. I am happy to say that I will use this site again for webinars. It’s free and it’s available to all educators. In conclusion, although I started late with this assignment I really enjoyed the webinars. My contribution to the webinar was that I thanked the presenter for the great resources and that I would bookmark the site and most definitely would use it again.

Evidence Most out of PLN

Live Virtual Twitter Chat Experience

For the next part of the assignment, we were instructed to experience four Twitter chats within our content area. I must admit this was very frustrating due to the fact that I had an auspicious mindset to find a great source of graphic design and digital imaging chats throughout Twitter with the usage of Tweet Decks. However, that was not the case. I found many chats going on but the source was to show off work and to not respond to any topics. This went on for over a week and I resorted to attend simple educational technology chats. The four that I contributed to were: #EdTech, #EduNight, #CaEdchat and #BlogChat. The Twitter chats that I found most interesting were #EdTech and #EduNight. There we had a mediator that keep the chat moving in the right direction. We discussed mainly on how technology is used in school s well as the digital divide, the have’s and the have not’s and common core. I especially amazed that certain schools would allow Facebook and Twitter on campus. #CaEdchat, California Education Chat, was so fast I could not keep up. There were some many chat tangents I lost track a few times. I would have to say it was quite an experience but I have to search for that chat that would go at a slow pace in order to affectively answer questions, comments and inquiries. I learned many acronyms throughout the conversations. Here are my contribution to Twitter chats:

Twitter Activity


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