PLE Diagram Reflection

My personal learning environments, which I have developed throughout this course and the previous courses through the EdTech program at Boise State, have been an eye-opening experience. I have been so empowered by everything I’ve gleaned. My experience with this type of learning has been life changing. My teaching method  and the way I instruct my students has taken on a new form of strategy. Learning through my personal learning environments, as well as my contributions, has been awesome. I never thought that I would ever tap into all these resources but what it has done for me, personally, has been very rewarding. I never thought that I would be using Facebook or Twitter, either. I was very apprehensive and wary before, but now I feel very comfortable within these social networks. The first real “attitude-adjustment” experience was when I first created my WordPress Learning Log; from that point on, it has opened up a new world of learning and experiences. Who says that a person 54 years of age cannot learn something in the social network realm? I have.

In regards to my own PLE interpretation, I see myself as a designer first, wielding what I teach by way of the mouse, thus represented by the Adobe community, along with other support through I then branch out to my personal and professional learning environments that encapsulate or surround my expertise and education. In the end, and back to the mouse and then to me, the individual, I am complete.

Reflecting upon my fellow classmates’ PLE diagrams, I see similar constructs; it always starts with the body or the individual, which is the core, then branches out to their communities, similar to a family tree. I feel we are all on the same page with the social network advantage – some, more than others. I see some of my EdTech 543 classmates tend to use the tools for communication and resourcing mainly. I tend to find my own PLE experience is for the benefit of contributing my expertise as a graphic design and digital imaging instructor to my students initially, and now, to my fellow teacher community within the Palm Springs Unified School District. However, recently, people around the Internet community have been learning from my graphic tutorials on YouTube. It can’t get any better than contributing for the benefit of society. As I’ve said, I am passionate about what I do and I love expressing it to the learner out there.

Below is my PLE diagram creation:

EdTech 543 PLN iage


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