EdTech 543 Final Reflection

As we come to a close I would like to graciously reflect upon this course. Coming into EdTech 543 Social Network Learning – I had very little experience with electronic tools in the social networking arena. Yet, in EdTech 501 I learned some new and valuable technology tools some, which I had not been aware of. One in particular, I use everyday within my class and amongst my student is WordPress. Upon learning other tools such as Voice Thread, Scribd , Moodle and Skype, there was little I felt that I needed to learn in order to better facilitate and teach my students.

How could these social networking tools benefit my program?  I had been under the radar for so long with some of these popular tools like Facebook and Twitter, feeling initially that I could be treading in dangerous waters and with what I had seen and heard throughout the teaching community, I decided to stay aloof.  I was pretty surprised when I had to establish these accounts for these tools in order to be successful within the class. It was either come aboard or fail.

Wow! Have I been educated. I had no idea what the world of social networking could do for me as an educator as well as in my personal life. All the virtual doors this class has opened up for me. The endless possibilities with the many tools that I have learned is priceless to the point where I feel even more empowered than before. With the introduction to the world of PLN’s (Personal Learning Networks), CoP’s (Communities of Practice), PLE’s (Personal Learning Environments) as well as Connectivism everything is coming together as a networked whole.

With the introduction to Facebook, Twitter and Tweet Deck I feel they are very useful tools and a good platform to launch information to professionals, students and PLN groups alike. I will continue to us Facebook in my professional as well as my personal life. Twitter, I will have to experiment some more.

Examining and experiencing tools for curation, book marking and research, such as, Diigo, Pinterest, and Scoop-It has allowed me to add more dimension as well as organizational skills to the courses that teach. I was very intrigued with the Webinars and the information offered for learning for a whole myriad of topics and interests, it’s endless. Establishing the right models for a positive digital footprint along with social media policies helps with Internet ethics and fair play, which is so important amongst our students and the community in which we teach.

And lastly, composing a mini curriculum unit along with our PLN group to put what has been learned into a culminating activity, was arduous amongst the team however, I have to thank them, especially Jessie (Jessica), we communicated through Facebook and Twitter, so I feel I came full circle with the use of the tools. In conclusion, I would say this class was a real eye opener, very useful and significant in this electronic world of ours. I would high recommend this class to anyone in the MET program as an elective and I would suggest it to anyone in the communications or sociology field of study at Boise State. Thank you Dr. Gerstein for the fantastic educational journey.

In regards to grading my WordPress blog and blogs overall, I would give myself a 75/75 because creating blogs is something I’m getting good at and I do use it to its potential.


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