Developing and Managing a Positive Digital Footprint Reputation

A digital footprint in today’s electronic world is something one should not take lightly. We as educators, and professionals in our field of technology, must stress this to our students and our peers by teaching these standards and setting an example. As I build my own digital footprint I will follow my ten personal strategies and promote these positive ways of walking in our digital pathway of life. 

1. I will search for myself and promote a positive character resume on what I find. I will do this by Google Alerts and and search out what I find on the web (Googlesites, 2013).

2. I will make positive connections. The things that I can do before creating a social network with someone is to read that person’s profile or examining their web page or blog before friending (Watkins, 2013).

3. I will avoid online groups or social networks that could embarrass or restrict my opportunities such as when job searching or showing my expertise through my digital resume (Zupek, 2009).

4. I will make my content useful on the web. I will present my creations of design and multimedia so that it can be helpful and be a resource to the public (Zupek, 2009).

5. I will guard my privacy and protect my reputation at all times because nothing is private online and I will assume everyone is watching (School World, 2013).

6. I know that everything I do on the Internet leaves a digital footprint and those things may never go away. Therefore, if I don’t want to see it tomorrow I won’t post it today (Common Sense Media, 2009).

7. I will make sure that any social network I use my privacy settings are locked down so as not to leak any vital information. I will update my settings when needed to ensure all is safe and secure (Solomon, 2011).

8. I will create a transparency of myself when I am using social media. This will reveal who I am and what I stand for in a positive manner. My character and integrity will be at the utmost of importance (Wejr, 2013).

9. When I stop using a website or social network I will delete all my account information so that it’s not vulnerable to hackers (Makewaves, 2013).

10. I will always be positive online therefore my digital footprint will be as well. I will post my comments in a positive, respectful way and any pictures uploaded will always be appropriate. If there is any doubt that my posts or images might be misunderstood or taken in offense I will refrain (Makewaves, 2013).

As I conclude with my ten strategies I must admit there is much to be done in the construction of my own digital footprint. I am very new to Facebook, Twitter and the other connective social network tools. I will need continue to manage and oversee the footprint I am building and create this educational presence amongst my students and peers. My primary goal at this time is to create tutorials and lessons through the Personal Learning Networks (PLN) that I subscribe to such as YouTube. My social network system that I’m continuously perfecting for my students is the blog/web tool WordPress. WordPress has not only empowered me as an educator but has become a vital role in the way that I teach today.


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