My Creative Expression of CoP’s, Connectivism, PLN’s

Here’s my interpretation of the creative expression assignment Module 2. Since I’m a graphic designer by trade I decided to do a typography solution where the images are imbedded within the type. I love type and corporate identity logos as well as branding is my forte in the field; this is why I chose this route. The Communities of Practice (CoP) is represented by the “i’s” as individuals in a community sharing, learning and collaborating. Connectivism is represented by the plus sign connecting the word and to the world of technology and networking.  Personal Learning Network (PLN) is represented by the person symbol reaching out in different directions through the arrow arms and legs. This shows the individual connecting, learning and networking in all different areas of the social networking realm. The BLOG type is represented by the dialog bubble. The Social Network Learning type is represented by the contrasting type showing versatility and the plus sign connects Social Network linking it within a Learning environment. The direction of the overall type depicts all different ways we can experience and learn, as well as the aesthetics of the design (please click on the image to enlarge).

AECT Standards: 2.4 Integrated Technologies: Integrated technologies are ways to produce and deliver materials which encompass several forms of media under the control of a computer.  3.1 Media Utilization: Identify key factors in selecting and using technologies appropriate for learning situations specified in the instructional design process.

SNL543 Collage


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