EdTech 543 Social Network Learning

EdTech 543

What are you initial reactions about joining these social networks for use in this course?

In all honesty I am probably the most unexperienced person in the class when it comes to social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. I have experienced several blogs before joining the the MET program with blog groups like the Les Paul forum pertaining to electric guitars, amplifiers equipment; muscle car forums where I discuss the going ons in my life with classic cars; and DIY blogs because I’m always working on something in my workshop. However, with a continuous social networking system that opens your world up to friends and family 24/7, I chose to stay away, because of the preconceived negatives I have heard with teachers getting in trouble. I just chose to stay away. Last year when I was accepted into the MET program the first class of course was EdTech 501; it introduced me to the world of WordPress. I was so impressed with this web/blogging system that I incorporated it into my courses that I teach. At the end of our academic year 100% of my students had a WordPress account and they submitted artifacts of their projects and assignments as well as reflecting on what was learned throughout the course. I’m sold on what we can do with WordPress and I’m looking forward to learning social networking in EdTech 543.


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