Creating My Learning Log

When entering the MET program, I decided to start from the beginning with EdTech 501 “Introduction to Educational Technology”.  Dr. Schroeder introduced the class to WordPress, a webpage-based blogging system used throughout the MET program. Since I was relatively new to this type of a controlled social networking and having very little experience with building webpages, it was a bit of a learning curve. However, when I saw the power of this blogging system, I furthered my skills using WordPress. This year, teaching Digital Photography for the first time, I wanted my students to have a vehicle to present their photographic artifacts to the e-community, and that said, today, each one of my digital photography students have an account with WordPress. All students post their work on a weekly basis. It’s been an exciting experience to watch my students get closer to becoming creators in this electronic world.

When creating this learning log, I started out creating posts, as per instructed, but experiencing the mechanical quirks in the first semester with posts, it was easier and more controllable to create separate pages, I now build each page separately or with  cascading sub-menus as illustrated with my AECT Standards menu.

I wanted to give each page a personalized look that would show my skills graphically therefore, I used both Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop when possible. My header, or “masthead”, as we call it in the graphic world, is an example of using Photoshop for WordPress.

This assignment aligns with AECT Standard:  2.3 Computer-Based Technologies
Computer-based technologies are ways to produce or deliver materials using microprocessor-based resources. Computer-based technologies represent electronically stored information in the form of digital data. Examples include: computer-based instruction (CBI), computer-assisted instruction (CAI), computer-managed instruction (CMI), telecommunications, electronic communications and global resource-refrerence access.


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