RSS in Education

In this link you will find the usage of RSS, “Really Simple Syndication”. In this assignment we learned the importance of RSS and how we can implement this technology in our professional life as well as the classroom. The RSS system works by “feeding” information on certain topics to “You”, rather than you constantly searching.

The RSS technology works with blogging software, like Google +, specifically Google Reader. This is a feed reader application that allows you to subscribe to topics and interests throughout the internet. Once you subscribe to a particular site that has RSS capabilities, you can receive information continuously, but most importantly, it can update itself with new and current information and contributions.

Not only is this a great way to keep current with your topics of interest, but you can share this information with colleagues, friends and family.

I would like to implement RSS in the classroom with our Career Searching assignment. This web tool will allow students to search for a career of their choice, with a myriad of information as well as comments from professionals in that field. Continuous updating and additions can keep students current on  today’s jobs, what avenues to explore and what to look for in the future. One great thing, is that students can create folders on certain topics and or subjects, to keep themselves organized. Students can share their career findings with other students that are interested in the same career(s).

Not only can this tool be effective for careers, but can also be a great resource for scholarships and funding available for college. Right now, students are at the mercy of the career center, to ask and search for scholarship information. Students now can see updated funding available to them and to see what is on the horizon.

Standards met within this assignment are as follows:

3.1 Media Utilization: Candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to use processes and resources for learning by applying principles and theories of media utilization, diffusion, implementation, and policy-making.

4.3 Delivery System Management
Delivery system management involves planning, monitoring and controlling ‘the method by which distribution of instructional materials is organized’ . . . [It is] a combination of medium and method of usage that is employed to present instructional information to a learner.

4.4 Information Management
Information management involves planning, monitoring, and controlling the storage, transfer, or processing of information in order to provide resources for learning.


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